Founder and President of Eastwood Anaba Ministries (EAM), Pastor Eastwood Anaba says the number of women who forgo sex until marriage has ultimately declined in the church.

During one of his sermons which has gone viral on social media, the man of God said one of the core reasons virgins are no longer in the church is because of the love of money.

According to him, “The girls have a problem. 22-year-old girls want to drive Land Cruisers and Range Rovers so virgins are missing in the church! May God have mercy on our generations…” he cried.

He didn’t leave out the young men as he also whipped them of dating “sugar mummies” instead of working hard to survive.

“The young men don’t want to work at all. All they need is a sugar mommy. Mama will give them money for everything they can’t afford. Money is replacing the voice of the Holy Spirit…”

He advised the youth to refrain from activities that have the tendency to cause harm to them in their future.