Students from the Commonwealth hall (vandals) clashed with their colleagues in Katanga hall from KNUST after a video of a vandal being attacked went viral.

This follows an invitation to the KNUST to partake in a debate on UG campus, represented by the Katanga boys.

The vandals did not understand why the katanga boys would attack one of their own on UG campus, after extending a friendly invite for academic purposes.

In a bid to retaliate, the students from the 2 halls clashed, resulting in severe injuries and 10 arrests.

There is a long standing rivalry between the halls, which has escalated in recent times.

In the video, the Katanga boys are heard telling the vandal in a forceful manner to send a message to his colleagues to come for him with Gh300 and a goat, while he was shaved with a pair of scissors.

Watch the video below Nartey