President Akufo Addo has assured Ghanaians that the United States military will not abuse any privilege bestowed on them per the agreement with the government of Ghana.

The deal, among other things will give the US military “unristricted access” to Ghana’s military apparatus.

The US military will also enjoy tax exemptions from anything imported into the country and any imported goods will not be inspected by local authorities,suggesting a level of immnunity to Ghana’s laws.

They are also to move freely in the country with identity cards provided espcially for their stay in Ghana and can use the country’s radio spectrum for free.

The President, in a televised address on the issue for the first time said per history, the US military have not abused any of such privileges

“No suggestion has ever been made that the United states of America has ever abused any of the privileges or conession granted them under any of these agreements”

He added that ” the conditions of the agreement mirror closely to the conditions under which Ghana participates UN in peace keeping operations”

“When our troops go on peace keeping operations they do not carry their national passorts, they carry they military identity”

This is in response to the provision in the agreement that allows the US military personnel to enter and move within Ghana without a passort( but with a military identity card).

The President said “It’s clear that if Ghanaians knew the conditions under which foreign embassies and organisations operate in Ghana, nobody would have been surprised that the defence agreement would have such provisions”

Story by Nathaniel Nartey