Unibank TakeoverBoG ceded management of uniBank to KPMG after the Bank’s failure to observe corporate governance

Managers of uniBank, KPMG, have dispelled rumours that they have terminated the appointments of some contract workers of the bank following an assessment of its operations.

About 500 workers of the bank are reported to have had their contracts terminated as their services were no longer needed.

But speaking to Class Business, Partner and Head of Audit Services at KPMG, Anthony Sarpong denied that they have terminated anyone’s contract.

“We’ve not commenced any process as at this stage. What has happened is just that about three top executives had long outstanding leave and we fell it’s a good practice everywhere that everybody must take their leave.

“This is a bank which is suffering, and, so, if you don’t take your leave, it’s even an added cost, so, we recommended that those who have their normal leave, we’ll plan it and structure it so that they can take their leave.

“The general employee will take it as of when it’s due but those three executives were asked to take their leave and I know by this week some of them are already returning to their post, so, there is no iota of truth that anybody has been asked to go home or disengaged yet. It doesn’t mean it will not happen, but as we speak, it hasn’t happened because the process of evaluation is still ongoing.”

The Bank of Ghana (BoG) in March this year allowed the auditing firm to assume management of uniBank after the regulator said the indigenous bank was facing severe issues which could have led to customers losing their deposits.