Marriage is a blessed institution and there are several things you need to do right if you want your marriage to be successful.

Some men do not know what their wives want to be happy.

A woman deserves love and attention all the time.

Make sure she gets the same if you want to make it in various aspects of life.

Here are three things that could happen if you do not give her attention:

1. She could cheat

A woman is likely to consider seeking for love from another man if you do not give her attention.

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Women want to be treated right all the time. She will feel motivated if you give her the attention all the time.

You will regret why you have been too busy for her at the end of the day if she decides to seek attention elsewhere.

2. She could become jealous

Women become jealous when they are not given attention.

She will want to be the priority in your life.

A woman will want you to be there for her every time she needs you.

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Do not be too busy for your wife yet expect to get love in return.

3. She could walk away

One of the reasons a woman could walk away from your life is the lack of attention.

She will think twice the moment she realises you do not have time for her.

She will look for someone who can treat her better.