It seems this Skopatumana’s challenge is not ending soon, now renowned music producer, Appietus has joined the challenge on Patapaa’s viral rap verse #Skopatumana.

It could be recalled in 2012 when Sarkodie released a song titled ‘Azonto Fiesta’ which featured Kese and Appietus with Appietus rapping in an unknown language. According to Appietus after Patapaa’s #Skopatumana went viral, he’s the first to do that kind of ‘alien’ rap.

Well, the challenge is ongoing as Appietus battle Patapaa as to who can rap in the ‘alien’ language.

A video of Appietus sighted by showing Patapaa he is the originator of the alien language as many termed as Patapaa’s style of rap.

The ‘one corner’ hitmaker in response dropped his freestyle to challenge Appietus telling him he’s far better than him when it comes to the ‘alien’ language.