The Director General of the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT), Dr. John Ofori-Tenkorang, has disclosed that the highest earning pensioner on the Trust takes home GHc50,000 a month.

Addressing the media on Thursday, November 19, 2018, he also revealed that the lowest earner gets GHC276 per month, which is above the minimum wage.

He explained that the operations of SSNIT are backed by law and, therefore, the monthly payments of pensioners are always calculated fairly.

He further dispelled claims by some retirees that the Trust deliberately decides on paying pensioners meagre amounts as monthly takeaways.

Director General of SSNIT, Dr. John Ofori-Tenkorang

According to him, what one receives at the end of every month is determined by how much contributions one made and the number of years one contributed.

Dr. Ofori-Tenkorang urged the public plan for the future by registering with SSNIT, which is the pension administrator responsible for managing the basic National Pension Scheme under the National Pensions Act 2008 Act 766.

Meanwhile, the 2018 SNNIT report indicates that over 6,000 ghost pensioners have been deleted from the Trust’s payroll.

This exercise, the Trust said, has helped to save over GHc20 million as at September 2018.

“To curb the acceleration of the increase in Benefits Payments, Management embarked on an exercise to identify and delete ghost pensioners from the Trust’s payroll. This exercise has led to the deletion of a net 6,452 pensioners from the Trust’s payroll, and has since saved the Trust over GHc20 million as at September 2018,” sections of the report stated.

“The pension payroll has been trimmed by about GHc2,7 million per month and this benefit accrues monthly to the Trust.”

The report added that a total of Ghc2.2 billion was paid to 189,549 pensioners and other beneficiaries in 2017, as compared to a payment of Ghc1.7 billion paid to 174,164 pensioners and other beneficiaries in 2016.

Meanwhile, a total of 209,551 new members have been enrolled on to SNNIT as at September 2018, the report added.