Former Manager of the Netherlands and Manchester United, Louis Van Gaal has taken a swipe at the caretaker of Manchester United, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer over his style of play.

Ole Solskjaer has been hailed by football enthusiasts as bringing attacking football back to Manchester United but according to Louis Van Gaal, he is just as defensive as Mourinho.

The Norwegian coach has been very impressive since he was appointed as coach of Manchester United after Mourinho’s sack.

Former Man Utd Manager,Jose Mourinho

He has won 14 games out of 19 matches scoring more goals and recently overturning a 2-0 deficit to PSG in Champions League to win 3-1 at Paris which earned Man Utd a Quarter Finals spot in the competition.

However, according to Van Gaal, all the aforementioned results doesn’t prove that he has brought attacking football back to the team.

LVG asserted that it is ‘fake news’ to claim Solskjaer has brought more entertaining football to Old Trafford because his style of play is virtually identical to Mourinho’s.

He added that the main difference between Solskjaer and Mourinho is that he(Solskjaer) is winning.

“People think we have only had fake news since Donald Trump became president. In football we have had it for 50 years,” Louis Van Gaal told the BBC in an exhaustive interview.

Caretaker of Man Utd,Ole Solskjaer

“The coach after me [Mourinho] changed to park-the-bus tactics and played on the counter. Now there is another coach who parks the bus and plays on the counter.

‘The main difference between Mourinho and Solskjaer is that Solskjaer is winning.

‘I am not there but there does look to be a change and the atmosphere seems to be better. It is also true that Solskjaer has changed Paul Pogba’s position and put him into an area where he is much more important.

‘But the way Manchester United are playing now is not the way Ferguson played. It is defensive, counter-attacking football. If you like it, you like it. If you think it is more exciting than my boring attacking, OK. But it is not my truth.

‘Solskjaer has just lost twice and he has to manage that. It is very important that Manchester United qualifies for the Champions League, as it was when I was manager. ‘But they can also win the Champions League because they play a defensive system and it is very difficult to beat them, which, whether you like it or not, is the result of Mourinho’s work.” LVG emphasized