The NPP Loyal Ladies, an all female group within the party has commended the NPP for its role in the empowerment of women in the country.According to the Vice President of the group, Adjoa Pomaa Siaw, no political party can match previous NPP governments as well as the current one in terms of policies designed for the empowerment of women over the years.She made these comments during a health walk organised by the NPP Loyal Ladies to commemorate its third Anniversary celebrations in Accra

More than 500 women dressed mostly in red T-shirts with the number three embossed boldly in front participated in the walk. The number three signifies the group’s third year of existence. They walked six point six km from Okponglo to the Legon Botanical gardens.

Vice President of the NPP Loyal Ladies, Adjoa Pomaa Siaw

Upon arrival at the gardens, the group engaged in aerobics amid fun fair. Vice President for the group, Adjoa Pomaa Siaw described the NPP as the best party and the best option for the empowerment of women in Ghana.

“We are the best party for the women, so far no party can match us when it comes to our mobilization and policies for women. We know what the Kuffour government did, and know what the Akuffo Addo government is doing for women that is why all these women are proud to identify themselves with us.”

Ms Pomaa Siaw said this year’s celebration has been decentralised.

“We have decentralised our celebrations for this year, because we did not think we should do something fanciful. This is the Greater Accra regional celebrations, Ashanti region held theirs with a donation and a walk, Eastern region did a workshop two weeks ago. So if we are here, it is to mark a 3rd year of existence and energize our base for election 2020”.

The group was formed in March 2016 to serve as a grooming platform for women in the party for leadership positions.Its major achievement was helping the NPP win the 2016 general elections.


Story by Nathaniel Nartey