RuffTown Records signee, Wendy Shay has said her critics are intimidated by her fast rise.

According to her, if she had been any less strong, she would have quit music.

Since her introduction as an artist on Ruff Town Records, everything she has done has received backlash and sometimes it seems she can’t catch a break.

Perhaps, the impression created that she is a replacement for people’s darling, the late Ebony Reigns, has seen her been treated in such harsh manner.

In answer to what she thought may be other factors for all the negativity she had encountered, Wendy Shay she said her fast rise also created problems.

“You know, my fast rise is also part, it is something new. I came and I was making a lot of impact in a short time; people are scared of change, my fast success intimidated people so they came at me but I am really cool now,” she said.

According to Wendy Shay, all the negativity got to her at a point.

“It drained me, I got worried because I never said anything like that. Again, I felt I was not welcomed to my home and it was a big blow to me.

“Back in Germany, I was fighting the issue of racism so I thought coming home would have been the better choice but I was welcomed with all these things and at a point, I asked myself why me. I just didn’t get it, everything I do, people had issues with it.

“I used to ask myself that if I was not welcome home then where else will I be because I love my country. Then at a point I told myself, I will stay and fight till the end because I don’t have anywhere to go,” she revealed.

he situation, according to Wendy Shay, has strengthened her. “I thank God for the people around me, my mom, my pastor, Bullet who has been an artiste before so he understands these things and thanks to myself, I have developed thick skin over time so it does not really get to me again. I have created some kind of shield around me,” she stated.

Wendy Shay is out with a new song Ghana Boys and she stated that the song has been well received. “It has been great, I realised a lot of people could relate to it. I also want to take the chance to thank all my fans for their support since I came, I really appreciate it.

“I want them to know that I will keep releasing songs that they will always jump to. To Bullet and my management, I appreciate their role in my life,” she concluded.