Kwasi Pratte.pngKwesi Pratt Jnr

Veteran journalist and Managing Editor of The Insight newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr, has expressed frustrations over a creeping tendency of some National Democratic Congress (NDC) leaders boycotting programmes on allied radio station, Radio Gold.

He said the situation was worrying in the glaring face of some NDC gurus getting time to sit on other radio stations to the neglect of Radio Gold, a media house supposed to be sympathetic to the cause of the opposition party.

Speaking Saturday on Radio Gold’s current affairs news analysis show, “Alhaji & Alhaji,” Mr. Pratt revealed that many regular panelists who were contacted to be on the show gave so many excuses which he found untenable.

Some said they were going for funerals. Others said they were going for weekend programmes. Some didn’t make sense at all.

“But you see it is worrying. They refuse to come here but have time to participate in programmes on other radio stations.”

According to Mr Pratt, this development cannot just be any development to be swept under the carpet.

“Something must be wrong somewhere. Two years ago, they will do anything to be allowed five minutes on Alhaji & Alhaji. But today, look at them!” he bemoaned.