Ghanaian highlife musician Kwabena Kwabena and manageress, Frema Ashkar has ended their relationship as they will no more be working as artist and manager after years of working together.

According to information gathered, the musician and his manageress decided to go their separate ways because of their conflicting line of schedules.

“Because now Frema is working with Citi TV and Citi FM, she would not get the time to be performing her managerial duties like going around looking for deals etc. so it’s not like we quarrelling but purely because of Frema’s current work at Citi TV and Citi FM,” Kwabena Kwabena explained.

Frema Ashkar as the manager of Kwabena Kwabena was allegedly at the centre of the artist’s marriage troubles and subsequent divorce to his ex-wife Abena Owusuaa.


Even though both denied the allegations, they were still seen in the eyes of many as living irreproachable life beyond being business partners.

Frema Ashkar is divorced with two children. After her divorce, she kept her ex-husband’s surname “Ashkar”.

Following the announcement that their business relationship had ended, many took to social media to question whether their alleged amorous relationship, which they had denied, was true.