Former National Organiser of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Kofi Adams has been leading the campaign to get people to vote YES in the impending referendum in the Oti Region.

Kofi Adams joined proponents of the proposed Oti Region to step up their campaign for ‘Yes’ votes ahead of the December 27 referendum.

With barely a week to the referendum for the creation of regions, there is great momentum in the northern sector of the Volta Region towards the ‘Yes’ campaign.

The campaign is also to get the people to come out in their numbers to exercise their civic responsibility by participating massively in the referendum.

Kofi Adams is seen in a picture, wearing the YES attire with the inscription VOTE YES for Oti Region.

Meanwhile two registered voters in the proposed Oti Region have filed for an injunction restraining the Electoral Commission from organizing the referendum scheduled to take place in the Oti Region.

In the application which also has the Attorney General as the second Respondent, the applicants Gabriel Aziaglo, Dan Louis Nikabo insist the EC has violated their right to vote by failing or delaying to publish the list of the polling stations within which the referendum will take place.

Source:Ghana Guardian