Ruff Town records signee, Wendy Shay, has revealed that she quit her nursing career to do music in order to make money to build her own hospital as part of her ambitions in life.

“I have other things I want to do. I don’t think I will ever go back to practicing it [nursing] but I definitely have other stuffs I want to do…the kind of money I want to make…I want to use the money to build hospital and nursing can’t give me that money that I want,” she said.

She added “I want to build a hospital with the money I will make from my music.”

Wendy Shay was speaking on “Efie Kwanso” on Adom FM on Wednesday, January 30, this year.

According to her, although she is a professional nurse, she is now devoted to music.

“I was a nurse. I have learned the profession and I have my certificate. I have worked for a while but right now, I have devoted myself to do music now. I want to make money…” she explained.

Wendy Shay stressed that she has always wanted to become a musician even whilst she was pursuing her nursing course, saying, “While pursuing my nursing course, I have always inspired to become a very big musician in future. I always tried to work towards it. I have even pursuit a course in music in a Germany school for four and half years.”

The ‘Uber driver’ hit maker said although she has not made a lot money from her music career now, she is still pursuing her dream of building a hospital.


CEO of Ruff Town Records, Bullet, during the 2018 VGMA announced Wendy Shay and others to his label, pointing out that the new artistes would become hit like his first signee, Ebony Reigns.