On her popular Tv program, The Delay Show last week which featured Ghanaian midget actor, Yaw Dabo, Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay discussing her ‘Insta Glam’ photo of the day quizzed as to why Fella Makafui doesn’t keep her business out of social media.


This comes at the back of rumours that went around about Fella’s alleged boyfriend closing down her winery shop. for allegedly cheating on him.

According to the reports picked up by Ghpage.com, Fella Makafui’s rich boyfriend she has dated for close to 5 years rented the wine shop for her as well as her current 3 bedroom apartment.

The YOLO actress who was fumed about the way Delay somehow trolled her on her show has expressed worry over the fact that Ghanaians enjoy seeing their colleagues fail at what they do than to discuss about the positive ones.

The actress has, for some time now, suffered attacks just because she keeps winning at what she does.

sex tape purported to be that of the actress and her ex-boyfriend circulated on social media, with many immediately likening the lady in the video to the actress who shot to fame from the popular YOLO Tv series.

But in a post on Instagram expressing worry about the fact that people don’t wish others well in Ghana, Fella said “So I was thinking about something this morning and I want to humbly ask my followers….. why do people love to hear NEGATIVE STORIES about you and when the POSITIVE Stories come around, they get soo mad all of a sudden telling you to keep your business private bla bla bla why cant you rejoice when you see people doing good same way you rejoice over their negative stories????? I want to know”