Diminutive actor Don Little has asked the public to help him beg his godfather Funny Face since he has offended him.

According to the diminutive actor, he has issues with Funny Face and as such he is begging big people in the society who are friends with him(Funny Face) to try to talk to him so he can forget about everything that is happening between them.

Don Little who failed to explain the exact thing that made them have issues, only stated that Funny Face helped him get to where he is now and he doesn’t feel well not being in good terms with someone that brought him to the limelight.

He went further to disclose whiles shedding tears that one time he had a movie role from a producer who wanted to have both himself and his father(Funny face) play various roles in his movie but Funny Face openly told the producer he won’t feature in the movie if he(Don Little) is part of the cast making the producer drop him from the cast.


Watch video of Don Little shedding tears and asking Funny Face to forgive him