Last few days, reported on diminutive Kumawood actor Don Little who asked the general public to help him apologize to his godfather Funny Face for all the wrong he has done against him. 

Some hours later, Funny Face reacted to his son’s apology by saying he had forgiven him a long time and he wished him all the best in his career.

Well, none of the party involved really explained what brought up the friction between them but our checks have revealed the truth of what led to their separation.

According to what we gathered, Funny Face met Don Little who used to sell scratch cards in Kasoa where they became friends and then helped him became who he is now.

But Don Little along the line became arrogant and accused Funny Face of so many things including accusing him(Funny Face) of taking the money that was given to him by Sarkodie for shooting his Gboza video.

See the screenshots below;