Reports suggest Bulldog has been axed from Zylofon media following allegations of disrespect and insubordination on his part.

The two were said to have engaged in a heated misunderstanding when they were in London. Nana Appiah Mensah was reported to have confronted Bulldog over an issue which occurred while they were in London, but the manner in which Bulldog responded to the issue infuriated the Zylofon Boss.
Bulldog was said to have not taken it kindly the manner in which his boss approached him, leading to a heated argument between the two at the Zylofon Music premises in Accra

Nana Appiah Mensah, according to some workers at Zylofon, has for some time now been complaining about the behaviour of his Artiste and Repertiore Manager. Mr. Appiah feels Bulldog was not giving him the needed respect as his employer, leading to a tension buildup between them for some time now.

It is for this reason and others that Bulldog has been chased out of Zylofon Media. Bulldog is expected to vacate his position at Zylofon within the next 48 hours.

He has also been ordered to return the company’s property in his possession while some of the property given to him by Zylofon have already been confiscated.