General Manager of Bechem United Lord Zico has branded the Normalisation Commitee as liars for stating that only two clubs confirmed their participation for the special competition. 

According to the Normalisation committee, only record premier league champions Asante Kotoko and Dawu based Dreams FC confirmed their interest in the competition.

But Lord Zico reveals, Bechem United replied the NC’s email indicating they were ready to participate so he is shocked by the lies of the Committee.

“The NC is telling lies because Bechem United met the deadline given by them.”

“May be they couldn’t check the email to verify before their statement and also they may not know that email is also a way of communication,” he told Space FM Sports.

Dreams FC administrative manager Armeenu Shadow has come out to apologize on behalf of his team for accepting to participate without consultation from the Directors of the club.

The efforts by the Normalisation Committee to engage clubs in competitive football suffered a big blow because of lack of financial transparency.